Neurodegenerative diseases’ effects on cross-hemispheric signaling

This publication in Neuron is a collaboration between Dr. Li-Huei Tsai at MIT and Dr. Thomas McHugh at Riken. Adaikkan et al. chronically implanted two NeuroNexus A1x16-3mm-50-177-CM16LP probes, targeting bilateral mouse visual cortex (V1) for its role in novelty discrimination. They recorded LFP, multi-unit (MUA) and single-unit activity from freely moving animals including 5XFAD and Tau P301S mice to study cross-hemispheric (CH) signaling and its impairment in models of neurodegeneration. They found that interhemispheric synchronization, and thus novelty discrimination, is impaired by unilateral inhibition or dysfunction of CH neurons.

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