Subcortical circuits mediate communication between primary sensory cortical areas in mice

Multiple NeuroNexus probe designs (A2x32-5mm-25-200-177, A4x8-5mm-100-200-177, Buzsaki32 and Buzsaki64) were used by Andrew King’s lab at Oxford to record from primary sensory cortices, auditory thalamus and inferior colliculus in mice. NeuroNexus probes were also combined with optical stimulation for optogenetics experiments and with DiI dye for acute penetration histology in this study in Nature Communications. The results demonstrate that activity in somatosensory cortex caused by whisker stimulation suppresses sound-evoked activity in primary auditory cortex via the colliculus and thalamus, providing an example of subcortical pathways mediating intra-cortical communication.

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