H Series Connectors


H (for “Hybrid”) Series connectors feature a flexible polyimide cable, allowing the electrode array to be positioned independently of the PCB. See a close-up of the H-Series probe tip.

PackageWeight#CHCable LengthConnector
H160.14 g1621 mmOmnetics NPD18 (2 guideposts)
HC160.20 g1621 mmOmnetics NPD18 (2 guideposts)
HZ160.20 g1621 mmConnects to TDT ZC16 Headstage
H320.20 g1621 mmOmnetics NPD36 (4 guideposts)
HC320.20 g1621 mmOmnetics NPD36 (4 guideposts)
HZ320.20 g1621 mmConnects to TDT ZC32 Headstage
H641.07 g6430 mm2 Omnetics NPD36 (4 guideposts)
H64LP1.05 g6430 mm2 Omnetics NPD36 (4 guideposts), 2.8 mm spacing (center-to-center)
HC641.40 g6430 mm2 Omnetics NPD36 (4 guideposts)
HZ640.50 g6430 mmConnects to TDT ZC64 Headstage