MR Series Connectors


MR-Series Packages feature zero-to-minimal amounts of ferromagnetic material, and are suitable for experiments using MRI. All MR-Series Packages connect to headstages with Omnetics connectors except MR_A16 package.

PackageWeight#CHCable LengthConnector
MR_A161.30 g16DIP: pin length: 5.5 mm , spacing: 2.5 mm
MR_CM160.17 g16Omnetics NPD18 (2 guideposts)
MR_H160.19 g1621 mmOmnetics NPD18 (2 guideposts)
MR_CM320.32 g32Omnetics NPD36 (4 guideposts)
MR_H320.38 g3221 mmOmnetics NPD36 (4 guideposts)
MR_HC320.52 g3221 mm2 Omnetics NPD18 (2 guideposts)
MR_H641.07 g6430 mm2 Omnetics
MR_HC641.40 g6430 mm2 Omnetics NPD36 (4 guideposts)

Check more details about MR-Series here.