O Series Connectors


O-Series Packages feature integrated optical fibers for combined optogenetics and electrophysiology. Certain probe and package combinations allow for multiple optical fibers – your NeuroNexus sales representative will assist you in configuring a multi-fiber optrode.

PackageWeight#CHCable LengthConnector
OA16LP1.40 g16DIP: pin length: 5.5 mm , spacing: 2.5 mm
OA32LP1.40 g32Samtec MOLC-110-01-S-Q
OCM16LP0.25 g16Omnetics NPD18 (2 guideposts)
OCM32LP0.35 g32Omnetics NPD36 (4 guideposts)
OZ16LP0.30 g16Connects to TDT ZC16 headstage
OZ32LP0.30 g32Connects to TDT ZC32 headstage
OA64LP2x Samtec MOLC-110-01-S-Q
OA64LP_v22x Samtec MOLC-110-01-S-Q
OH64LP (oDrive)2x Omnetics NPD36 (4 guideposts)
OXA64LP (Optogenix)2x Samtec MOLC-110-01-S-Q