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The NeuroNexus support team is available to customers who are seeking confident, evidence-based, and practical suggestions for designing a new experimental rig or resolving specific issues confronted during an experimental session. Our goal is to translate decades of combined experience in neuroscience research, probe design, microfabrication, and assembly into solutions for our customers. We’re always excited to see what researchers are doing in their fields and how the probes and devices we build get used. Contact us to request a consultation or collaboration.

Scientific Advisors


Daryl Kipke

Daryl R. Kipke, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Neural Interface Technology Computational Neuroscience

Rio Vetter

Rio Vetter, PhD

Chief Operatng Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Neural Interface Technology Primate Research

Jami Hetke

Jamille Hetke, MS

VP of Engineering

Neural Interface Technology MEMS Design and Fabrication

Dave Anderson

David J. Anderson, PhD

Research Scientist

Neural Interface Technology Modeling of neural electrodes

Chris Frewin

Chris Frewin, PhD

Principal Engineer

Neural Interface Technology MEMS Design, Fabrication, and Characterization

Asiyeh Golabchi

Asiyeh Golabchi, PhD

Principal Scientist & Product Planning Specialist

Neural Interface Technology Rodent Research

Alexis Paez

Alexis Paez, PhD

Director of Science Outreach and Marketing

Primate Research


Ben Suwarato, RPh

Research Scientist

MEMS Design and Manufacturing