Technical Support Documents


NeuroNexus has compiled a series of white papers which discuss some frequently asked questions, in extended detail. In addition to that, we have produced some basic documentation and protocols to assist you in the use of our products.

These notes are intended to be updated with feedback from users. If you have suggestions and/or any additional feedback, please send us an email at

General Surgery GuidlineSurgical guide for acute and chronic experiments
Acute Penetrating ArraysSurgical guide for acute penetraing arrays
Chronic Penetrating ArraysSurgical guide for chronic penetraing arrays
Reduce Noise in Recording SystemHow reduce noise in acute and chronic experiments
EEG Arrays Surgical Guide and ElectrophysiologyHow to implant NeuroNexus EEG arrays
EEG Arrays Wiring ConfigurationEEG arrays wiring and grounding
ECoG Arrays Surgical Guide and ElectrophysiologyHow to implant NeuroNexus ECoG arrays
ECoG Arrays Wiring ConfigurationECoG arrays wiring and grounding
Acute Experiment Wiring ConfigurationAcute package wiring and grounding configuration
Chronic Experiment Wiring ConfigurationChronic package wiring and grounding configuration
Site ActivationCNCT technical note on activating sites
Ground and Reference WiringInformation on connecting your probe to ground and reference sources
ImpedanceWhite paper discussing site area and impedance, and their effects on recording quality
MicrostimulationHow to stimulate using NeuroNexus probes
Stimulation and RecordingHow to perform simultaneous recording and stimulation
Microlesion ProcedureHow to lesion
Probe Cleaning ProtocolHow to clean probes
RejuvenationWhite paper discussing methods to revive chronic probes