Radiens Software

Radiens Videre

The Videre app provides a powerful solution for file-based analysis and visualization. It includes a rich feature set, including:

  • An interactive neural interface digital twin for file-based visualization of probe position, signal metrics, and spike activity in the target structure.
  • Highly performant system suitable for analysis of big-data Ephys datasets.
  • Probe-Centric Interface: Intuitive signal selection and ordering for spatially registering each signal trace with respect to probe and brain.
  • Powerful signal conditioning, including filtering and virtual referencing.
  • Python/MATLAB API: First-class Python API for complete real-time programmatic control of the system and workflow alongside the app UIs.
  • Spike Sorter: Innovative ML-based fast, automatic spike sorter to quantify recordings and responses.
  • Compatible with open neuroscience tools and workflows: Supports many common file formats. Primary data stays securely in the lab tagged with UIDs for maintaining complete data provenance.