Meet the NeuroNexus Team

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The NeuroNexus team brings together decades of combined experience in neuroscience research, probe design, microfabrication, and assembly. We’re always excited to see what researchers are doing in their fields and how the probes and devices we build get used.


Daryl R. Kipke, PhD

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of NNx & NEL Group, Inc.

Rio Vetter, PhD

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Jamille Hetke, MS

VP of Engineering

Glenn Nixon

VP of Sales

Priyanka Sehgal, MS

Director of Operations

Alexis Paez, PhD

Director of Marketing and Science Outreach

Linda Thompson

Director of Finance and Human Resources

Sales and Support Group

Nathan Berbesque

Sales Executive

Colin Olivier

Sales Executive

Emery Clark

Sales Executive

Nicki Ziehr

Sales Manager

Asiyeh Golabchi, PhD

Principal Scientist & Product Manager

Jeffrey Adams

Product Engineer

Isabel Kurcz

Marketing and Media Specialist