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Life science research encompasses a broad range of applications that are as unique as the labs performing them. NeuroNexus brings a collective 300 years of electrophysiology lab experience to the solutions we provide to our customers. Each solution is crafted through our proven process, and results in professional tools that empower scientific discovery.

NeuroNexus offers leading edge multichannel electrodes and accessories, custom designs, software and systems in a complete solution for all your experimental needs. Our high-quality, high channel count neural probes enable single-unit, multi-unit, and local field potential electrophysiology, and are designed to minimize tissue damage for superior signal quality. The SmartBox Pro data acquisition system miniaturizes conventional rack-mounted gear, enabling high-channel count recording in an inexpensive, portable package. The Radiens Neuroanalytics software system provides modern, intuitive control of your complete electrophysiology workflow. Finally, NeuroNexus microdrives and accessories are carefully designed to simplify surgical procedures so you can focus on what matters: your science.