Radiens Analytics Software Suite

Making the Complex Simple

Built-in probe mapping

Intuitive, dynamic interface

Real-time signal metrics

Flexible referencing options

Neurodata Without Borders "compliant

Product Overview
Allego Software
High-performance Software

Modern, interactive design with an intuitive probe-centric user interface, high-quality graphics and customizable workspace.

Allego Software
Built to Keep Pace with and Accelerate Neuroscience

The software platform uses and implements the latest technologies to grow and expand with neuroscience application needs.

Allego Software
Flexible Post-processing and Data Analysis

We save raw data alongside meta-data in popular, non-proprietary file formats for straightforward integration into existing data analysis workflows with NeuroExplorer and kilosort2. Matlab, Python, and R friendly.

Radiens analytical software suite is a new, professionally-developed software app designed by neuroscientists and neural engineers to provide a superior tool for getting the most out of each experiment session. Its fully integrated probe and brain models, along with advanced real-time system monitoring, combine to introduce the concept of "driver assist technologies" to the lab. Radiens is designed to ensure data quality "from the moment the electrode is connected to the system to when it is saved to disk and beyond".

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