SmartBox Pro

Advanced Electrophysiology:


Plug-and-play, Scalable

Probe-centric, data-mapping interface

Fully configured, Built-in probe mapping

Plug-and-play compatibility with all NeuroNexus probes and electrode arrays.

Product Overview
SmartBox Pro

Up to 1024 lightning fast channels for real-time processing of spikes, field potentials and other physiological signals. Cutting-edge Allego software allows for a customizable workspace to save time and acquire rich datasets, every time.

SmartBox Pro
Intuitive “Probe-centric” User Interface

Built-in probe maps at your fingertips. Instant and precise spatio-temporal relationships among signals. Simply connect a NeuroNexus probe and headstage amplifier to start focusing on your high-impact science in seconds!

SmartBox Pro
Affordable, Easy to Integrate, Open Neuroscience-friendly

Low cost, easy-to-use, complete solution with the functionality of an expensive, rack-mounted system. A simple yet powerful system that will grow with your lab.

The SmartBox Pro is a high-performance, multi-functional instrument used for signal acquisition, experiment control, and probe diagnostics.

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