Electrode Arrays

X-Series Probes

Our X-Series probes have been designed to offer the smallest footprint possible on the market, with unique elements of modularity to provide you with the most flexible platform for electrophysiology.


Discover the possibilities of our Xseries probes – the ultimate solution for high-quality recordings in freely behaving animals.

  • Compact – Our smallest circuit board footprint. Connect and implant with the X-Headstage for the lowest-profile option.
  • High-resolution – Compatible with highly configurable microelectrode arrays that enable single-unit isolation even in dense brain regions.
  • Simplified – Eliminate the need for adaptors or cumbersome connectors to plug/unplug for every recording.

Don’t settle for less – try our Xseries probes today and experience the difference for yourself!

X-Series connector packages are available in 16, 32, and 64 channel counts.

  • X3-16
  • X3-32
  • X3-64


  • X3-H16_10 mm
  • X3-H16_21 mm
  • X3-H32_21mm
  • X3-H64_30mm



  • Electrodes: All passive probes: 16, 32, 64 sites
  • Shanks: 1-16, all passive probe options
  • Shank Lengths: 1.5-15 mm, all passive probe options
  • Cable or no cable (Chronic & Acute)
  • Cable Length: 10, 21 or 30 mm

System Requirements

One of these three:

  • Xseries XDAQ (One/Core) + Xseries Hedastage (XR/XSR) + Radiens Analytics Suite (optional)
  • Intan DAQ System + XSeries Headstage (XR/XSR) + Adaptor + Radiens Analytics Suite (optional)
  • SmartBox Pro + SmartLink Headstage+ Adaptor+ Radiens Analytics Suite

To find all the technical information needed for X-series products, please check the X-series knowledge base.

X3-64 unboxing and implant instructions

X-Series Connector package